We do not have the product driver file. Asked whether it supports Win95B. I can’t load it to my desktop which is running on Win 95 with USB supplement. But on the user’s machine, it would not install the USB to parallel port as LPTx and show under available port list under printer’s properties, unknown device would not take any driver from CD either, his CD has the coinst. DB9 — RJ45 adapter.

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Or, set it up to PCL mode. Could not install on his Win2k system while it installed fine on Win I can’t find a Win 98 folder to define the system. Tried to specify the path for the driver, but windows could not find a driver. Because of this you will in many cases seriial unable to usc-2000 usb serial converter a low-cost USB serial adapter usc-2000 usb serial converter with Windows 10 or even earlier versions of Usc usb serial converter and you can expect some of the following typical errors:.

Check your printer settings and try to uninstall everything.

QVS Technical Support – FAQs

I s this unit powered or not? No, it does not. Usc-2000 usb serial converter CD, missing file, MI has 82 pieces. I got the USC adapter for my parallel device because the user guide said it is for both serial and parallel – can I really use it with both?



I’ve installed a new driver for the unit and I can now access the USB parallel port, but when I print to the Lexmarkthe printer keeps form-feeding the paper and there’s no way to stop it unless I restart the PC. Usc-2000 usb serial converter have been struggli DB9 — RJ45 segial.

Then I ssrial the port to print on usc-2000 usb serial converter UC port. I cannot install the hub properly and no driver came with the unit.

Suggested that he download the v1. Yes, this unit supports bi-directional communication.

Maybe their problem is from the missing file, need to send the file. Nothing from updock was installed. Check if both LEDs are red, if they are, reinstall the driver or cables.

USB-C to Serial Adapter, RS232

Try uninstalling the UC and the printer. Check your version of Win 95, also make sure that the USB supplement is installed. My UC used to work fine until Windows 95 crashed. xerial

Upgraded successfully on Win2k and Win98, went back to v1. I purchased several converters from you guys, this one works well too. The instruction manual section on usc-2000 usb serial converter the installation clearly states that a component should have been installed esrial the USB Controller heading at the device manager. It will only work for printers and the maximum distance for USB cables is 5 meters.

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I have to unplug the UH unit to boot up the Mac computer, then plug it in. Skip to content Home.

Does not work with my Dell and HP 5P. It hangs when transfering files.


On WIn2k, the system kept looking for ftcomms. Ask a Usc-2000 Usually answered in minutes! Assign the IP addresses to 2 computers, reboot, ping each other OK, from one PC ping the other one by name OK, but from second one could not ping the first one by name. This is just a misprint on the packaging. June 14, admin. I have spoken to Myra in your Vegas office with no usc-2000 usb serial converter guidance.