A descriptor describes a data buffer and attributes related to the data buffer. I’ve never had this many issues with an Intel based NIC. October 7th, 3. These keywords are Speed, Duplex, and AutoNeg. Ping times from a computer on the same switch to the problem machine are in the 90 ms range yet from other computers they are in the 0. Any suggestions from the experts? Interrupt moderation must be used to avoid interrupt storms while the driver is processing one interrupt.

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Increasing this value allows the driver to buffer more incoming packets, at the expense of increased system memory utilization. Multiqueue In this mode, a separate MSI-X vector is allocated for 82541pk queue and one for “other” interrupts such as link status change and errors.

Linux Driver for IntelĀ® Gigabit Network Connections

I have tested my intermediary hardware switch, router, cables, etc as well as attempted to use ethtool to force speeds of this causes the network to not function at all, and has to be restarted. I have narrowed down the source of the problem. Visit the following links: If you are required to use a 2.

The igbvf driver requires the igb driver, version 2. These keywords are Speed, Duplex, and AutoNeg. If the system is reporting dropped transmits, this value may be set too high causing the driver to run out of available transmit descriptors.


When the system is booted with the 2. I have now installed a Netgear prosafe 5 port Gbit switch instead of the SD Setting InterruptThrottleRate to 0 turns off any interrupt moderation and may improve small packet latency, but is generally not suitable for bulk throughput traffic.

Downloads for IntelĀ® 82541PI Gigabit Ethernet Controller

Then follow the appropriate steps for building, installing, and configuring the driver. This parameter is a bit mask that specifies which speed and duplex settings the board advertises. This setting “forces it to master mode”. When e is loaded with default settings and multiple adapters are in use simultaneously, the CPU utilization may increase non-linearly.

Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_E Intel(R) PRO/ Gigabit Ethernet support

October 7th, 3. This driver is only supported as a loadable module at this time. My adapter 8241pi on 10 mb instead of lspci output: The errors on this NIC are: This value specifies the number of receive buffer descriptors allocated by the driver.

NIC Link is Down [ Join our community today! I was previously using a Linksys SD Gbit switch.

Would love to put this card back to work. If you believe your system needs to disable this style of interrupt, the driver can be built and installed with the command:.

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CONFIG_E1000: Intel(R) PRO/1000 Gigabit Ethernet support

I am running 82541pu Eth0 shows up in the Network connections list, but has no MAC address. And it didn’t matter which port I used.

For future reference you can manage the status of your own bugs by clicking on the current status in the yellow line and then choosing a new status in the revealed drop down box.

Those cards are some of the better choices.

The user can enable it at compile time to add support for LRO from the driver. I am starting to suspect the card to be defective. No Link partner advertised inttel WoL will be enabled on the system during the next shut down or reboot. I would mention that the original poster on UbuntuForums — who has the same card as I do — reportedly tested this both on Hardy and Intrepid and states that the problem persists.

When booting, CentOS whines about it not being present, delaying initialization.