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Now the black will not print. XP should detect the printer and install an included driver. Please check under the printer’s top cover for a paper jam or other obstruction” It printed fine last night and I can’t see anything wrong, but seeing as nothing has EVER gone wrong with this printer, I really don’t know anything about it. That sounds like you are saying the color printing is blurry, but the black printing is good. For every print job it ejects a blank page.

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It would also be interesting to know what the bp932c val: If this improves envelope feeding, use rubber rejuvenator as long term fix. The encoder strip runs horizontally through a slot in the carriage and attaches to a hook on the left and right. Then use damp Q-TIPS to finish cleaning up that area, including the shaft just above the absorber pad and the gear on the right end of that shaft.

Hp932cc selected files Download files.

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I replaced both, the color and the black cartridges even so the old ones don? Yes, the printer prints fine, however the loss of maintenance tools like clean the cartridge, ink levels, etc. You’ll have to reinstall you program and click on parallel cable when it gets to that point. There is a semi-clear plastic strip that goes between the sides and through the ink cartridges holder ho932c of the case just above the rail that the cartridge holder rides on.

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Chacer99 Remove the rear access door and clean the paper feed rollers with a damp cloth. I will certainly consider these actions from HP when I am forced to buy my new printer, and it doesn’t bode well for HP.

Last edited by Berton; at If you’ve gotten a paper jam and pulled it out through the front, and the ‘fingers’ are missing, then that was what broke then off. Already have an HP account? Remove and inspect the nozzles on the color cartridge, they might just be dirty, and could be cleaned by swishing just the nozzles in warm water, and then gently blotting on a folded paper towel.

I would suggest that you uninstall the printer then reinstall afresh and if it needs any additional drivers then I would think Win Update would supply them, but it could have been a Win 10 driver update that took out the toolbox. One of the buttons is broken and HP said they don’t make this model or part anymore?


Any other ideas what might be causing the double printing and how to fix hp9332c It is commonly broken and I’ve posted instructions for replacing it serveral times.

Windows 7 Driver needed for HP 932c printer

Try running you printer with a parallel printer cable. Product sold without warranty: Before You Begin You will need a T10 Torx driver and some latex gloves if you want to avoid getting yp932c on your hands once the case has been removed. However, I was not able to locate the driver on the computer to enable a manual installation for the network printer.


I’ve been through HP’s driver resource and the response is that the printer driver is built in to WIN All three lights begin blinking sequentially. Remove the cartridges and without closing the cover unplug the power. Clean the cartridge and carriage electrical contacts with a cotton swab moistened with water. Dry the mechanism before reassembly.

My HP C Deskjet printer decided suddenly to print everything in brown. By continuing to use our website, hp932cc agree to the use of such cookies. Apr 21, 2: Second, this last round of refilling both color and black, I’m not getting much of anything printwise on the paper.

Just to eliminate another possibility. My problem is that the printer won’t kick out the printd sheet gp932c enough that it doesn’t interfer with the next sheet being etected. Alot of skipping and unclear pages as if I was out of ink.

You may be able to recover a clogged cartridge by hp932 the tip in a saucer with a very small amount of warm water, then gently wiping it on a wet paper towel, be gentle the nozzles are delicate. Quick qestion, I am trying to figure out which cartridge has a low ink level