Most applications have a default page length of 66 lines per page when using 11″ continuous paper. I set the printer up for a User Defined page size and it prints the first label, then the paper advances about a page and a half and prints the next label. Next, take a hold of the print head and move it all the way to the left, then back to the right. When printing, the paper feeds back to the top-of-form loading position. Once you have the TOF position set where you want it, send a print job.

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Is there any way I can adjust the starting point of the print job?

Keep holding these buttons down as you power-on the printer. The printer should initialize properly. No, they cont be interchanged. If the printer turns on after disconnecting the cable, you probably have a cable problem.

The SmartPark feature is not available when using the printer in pull tractor position.

If you are still experiencing problems after changing scalaable cable, you may have a computer or printer port issue. What are the most commonly used escape codes?

I’m trying to print a 3. Draft is not on the list of fonts. If lq-50 are still experiencing difficulty, try a different cable or take the printer to another computer to see if the computer’s port is malfunctioning. When micro-adjust reaches the minimum or maximum adjustment point, the printer will begin to beep continuously.

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Move the print head left to right five times, then position the printhead into the middle of the printer. What should I do? Paper scaalable allows the use of a single sheet or a cut-sheet feeder without having to remove the continuous forms.

Since the top and bottom margins are non-printable areas, the maximum number of lines per page is reduced from 66 to 61 lines per page. The printer has a built-in sensor that monitors the temperature of the print head. Reload the paper onto the tractor unit and try to print. If you decide to dont pin 31, use masking or electrical tape. To verify the driver in Windows 3.

UKT Support – Epson LQ+ Printer

If it still gives you garbage from another computer, have the printer taken in to be serviced. Release the buttons after the printer emits ofnt long beep. If the problem epsoj persists, have the printer taken in to be serviced. I was printing labels and one of the labels peeled off. Many applications have an option to change the number of lines per page.


Another option would be to purchase a 32KB buffered serial interface card C Only the European printer models have IBM emulation. When printing labels, it is recommended that you only print with a pull ront. Disconnect and reconnect the cable on the PC and the printer and try printing again.

The flag reset timing feature settings are selectable through dip switches on the serial interface card. What is the recommended duty cycle for the printer?

Epson LQ-570+

Try a different cable, making sure that it is fully-shielded and preferably six-feet or less in length. If this does not resolve your problem, take the cable and printer to another computer to determine if the problem is hardware related.

Once you have the TOF position set where you want it, send a print job. To print lines instead of characters, the printer needs to be in graphics mode.