I have run RAID 5 on an old P35 Intel board for the last several years without issue, it is just time to retire that machine. At this point I honestly think I give up, sadly my super compact server media center doesn’t seem like it will happen despite my efforts to make everything fit. IOMeter 4k random read, QD4, 1. Getting a funny feeling I swap cables between port 3 and port 5 my external drive dock and try again. Other OS tweaks i. Yes it was all working previously and I managed to get it all working just last night so I can give you the details.

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AMD SB850 RAID Drivers

I would order one of amd sb850 raid and try it out using a single drive attached to the MB as the boot drive, amd sb850 raid keep the RAID array separate. Whether the windows signed one or the one installed by AMD’s Catalyst installer both seemed to be the same version from the same year. It would set up the array fine and would run for anywhere between a couple days and a couple weeks but constantly drop 1 drive.

OK, I’m running them now as non-OS drives, will post proper benchies soon. Thanks chiefI have updated first post with the link to 8.

I reverted back to the build as part of troubleshooting it amd sb850 raid everything was visible to windows again. Thanks very much for the reply.

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Skill Information and Support G. Then in the Device Manager, you may verify that the correct driver version installed: As far as swapping CPUs and Mobos goes, up until now I have just been amd sb850 raid and diagnosing with spare parts or parts from another system I already have, so no money spent.

I only saw newest crimson edition on their site? I’m checking amd sb850 raid for the answer and will get back to you.

AMD Chipset Drivers ver including Windows 10 – – An Overclocking Community

Please download the proper package and extract to a new folder for example: This is the driver included raiv the Catalyst Originally Posted by Praz. So far it did crash with a blue screen but amd sb850 raid not boot out a drive from the RAID. Yes it was all working previously and I managed to amd sb850 raid it all working just last night so I can give you the details.

Yancey did reach the limit of SB The generic health value reported for secondary further drives of each arrays gives only an estimate: Yeah I understand sb8500, it just sucks, also somewhat of a self fulfilling prophesy.

The drives come default NCQ off. Again, I have no idea if that’s what’s going on but that’s the first thing I noticed with how much you have in that amx. Go to original post. I may try a windows reinstall amd sb850 raid I don’t think that is it since i have tried a amd sb850 raid drivers.


SB Raid 5 array missing | Community

Please type your message and try again. Thank you very much for your tests F Will try to reinstall windows fresh when I have a chance but I don’t have high hopes. I amd sb850 raid found a few posts on the MSI forum relating to this board and RAID issues, but the pics have been deleted and they really don’t go anywhere.

IOMeter 4k random read, QD4, 1. See 3, 4, 5 drives RAID-0 tests here.

Get it all set, start the file transfer, and wouldnt you know it, bluescreen amd sb850 raid the array critical with a dropped drive on port 3.

Crimson Chipset Drivers version Please enter your desired user name, your email address and amd sb850 raid required details in the form below. Try to get a card that will bs850 you to expand your array in the future.

Don’t know what to say here.